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We provide parts and services for a wide range of aerospace applications, from the aircraft hardware to avionics. Our extensive inventory of parts and tailored services support applications from space travel to private aviation. We have also built a supply chain of key partners of the leading manufacturers and PMAs in the industry, to provide a complete solution for your aviation needs.


Consumables/ Expendables

With over 106,000 different part numbers in stock of commercial and military, in both NE and NS conditions, we can meet your hardware, electronic and wear part needs. Many of the parts are available with either MFG certificate of conformance or an 8130-3/EASA.

  • Aerospace/ Industrial Hardware
  • Electronics/ Connectors
  • Tires/Brakes
  • Lubricants

Parts Knitting


We maintain stock on many rotable parts that can be shipped same day. These come in SV, OH, and NS conditions. For MROs that want to do their own repairs, we carry some repair core (AR) parts at attractive pricing. We also offer exchange or outright services on most rotables in stock.

  • Hydraulic/ Pneumatics
  • Valves/ Pumps
  • Avionics/ Instruments

Rotable Exchanges

Engine Parts

We have a wide range of parts and part kits to support most QEC hardware needs, ready to ship same day. We also provide engine overhauls services and supply engine components parts for a wide range of applications. Our engine overhaul partners are all FAA approved 145 stations and are strategically located around the country for your convenience.

  • QEC
  • Blades
  • Engine Overhauls

International Shipping


Parts from engine cowls & flight control surfaces to panels & windows, we can provide the part you need, when you need it. We also carry many structural parts for current and retired aircraft. All commercial aviation parts go through strict FAA certification by authorized 145 stations and carry 8130-3/EASA certifications.

  • Flight Control Surfaces
  • Windows
  • Thrust Reverser/ Cowls/Panels

Rotable Exchanges


We provide repair services and carry many replacement parts for internal equipment of the planes, including appliances, seats, lighting and hardware. All parts meet AS9100 and 81303-3/EASA compliancy.

  • Kitting
  • Inventory Management
  • Advance Exchange Services

International Shipping

Inventory Services

We provide services ranging from custom kitting, inventory management to rotable exchange services. We have also customized inspection programs to meet the strict requirements of major customer like Boeing, ULA and General Dynamics. Our flexibility and ability to create innovation process is what set us above the competition.

  • Kitting
  • Inventory Management
  • Advance Exchange Services